Youth Driver Program

Our mission is to bring the world of karting to you and your family.

The Go Kart Academy Global Driver Development Program (GKA GDDP) is a program designed for young drivers who are interested in the world of motorsport. We focus on education, improving race craft, family, and fun.

Joseph and Maverick – 893 Motorsports Drivers and First Graduates of the GKA GDDP!

How it Started

When Jonathan White and Peter Saddington set out to get their two 6-year-olds into the world of motorsport, there was simply no great youth driving programs available in the greater Atlanta region. Having come from racing backgrounds, Jonathan with Porsche and Peter with Radical and Lamborghini, they decided to build their own driver development system based on their racing experience and leveraged SCCA driver school guidelines as a framework for building their own youth driving program.

The GKA GDDP launched in 2019.

Let’s go racing!

How it Works – As Simple as 1, 2, 3!

The GKA GDDP is a program built to help not only the young driver but the family as well. We believe that go karting one of the best family sports where powerful learning, fun, and family time all come together.

  1. We start by understanding each family’s personal goals and craft a simple starter plan to begin racing. Many of our community members choose our Preferred Lease Program to lower the entry-cost!
  2. From there we begin with simple introductions to karting, test drives, and karting maintenance basics. Often our members choose 1-3 days of coaching with a GKA GDDP authorized coach. Sessions include 30 minutes of karting fundamentals, track basics, and go kart care and maintenance as well as 1.5 hours of individual coaching on track.
  3. Finally, we guide the family through a high-touch support, mentoring, and coaching to prepare for the first race and ensuring a sustainable pace for the family for maximum fun and speed!

Our program is based on relationships, a shared love of motorsport, and a desire to leverage karting as a mechanism to bring families closer together.

Please join the Go Kart Academy community and connect with Jonathan or Peter for more information! Find us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

We’ll see you on the track!


Jonathan and Peter