[VIDEO] WD-40 vs Motul Spray Cleaner on a Praga Cadet Go Kart – Which is Better?

In today’s walkthrough, we’re doing a post-track day cleaning.

This is not a DEEP cleaning, where we take apart the axel and engine, this is mostly visual inspection, but it’s important to remember what to clean after a solid day of karting.

For this, we’ll be showing you where we clean:

  • axel
  • brake area
  • sprocket
  • outside engine
  • side pods
  • front and rear bumper
  • frame area

We also wanted to see whether WD-40 (our preferred choice) is better than Motul Spray cleaner!

Who do you think will win?

WD-40 is cheaper… but Motul does give a nicer shine for a few bucks more…

What are your thoughts?


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