AMV OxiTech 3F Magnesium Wheel Set 130/212

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Product Details
Brand: AMV
Bolt Pattern: 58.7 PCD
Front Width: 130mm
Rear Width: 212mm
Finish: OXiTECH
Offset: 58mm
Color: OXiTECH grey/white
3F’s Design & Advantages: The 3F no-spoke design results in a “softer” wheel that is ideal for freeing the chassis when there is more grip on the track or with a stiffer chassis.

Greater feel and a freer chassis
Better heat transfer for more stable tire temperature and pressure
OXiTECH for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning
Low pressure casting
3F Application and Use Case Examples: the 3F is suggested for both TAG and shifter classes but has also proven very successful with lower horsepower karts

🏆🥇Las Vegas SuperNationals 2019, 1st Bradley Majman Micro Swift KR – AMV 3F
🏆🥇Las Vegas SuperNationals 2019, 1st James Wharton X30 Junior Parolin – AMV 3F


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